2020 Mercedes S-Class: the V12 will always be there

While it was thought that Mercedes would abandon the V12 engine on its new S-Class, the brand’s CEO confirmed that this noble mechanism will always be present under the hood of the limousine with the star.

Accompanying the many photos of camouflaged prototypes of the new S-Class, rumors concerning the abandonment by Mercedes of the V12 mechanics were going well in recent months. It must be said that this noble mechanism is no longer present under the hood of the SL roadster or the S-Class coupe. Not to mention that the recently unveiled GLS 600 Maybach did not receive the same treatment as the S 650 Maybach limousine and must be content with the V8 4.0 biturbo of 558 hp.

So many obvious elements, which suggested that the star brand was likely to withdraw from the very closed club of V12 producers. Especially since the competitor Audi has already given up this type of engine, the famous W12 is now completely absent from the range with rings. On the other hand, BMW continues, for its part, to equip its recently restyled 7 Series with the V12 6.6 biturbo, developing 585 hp on the M760Li version.

An argument probably sufficient for Mercedes to continue to offer its new S-Class a big V12 stuffed with torque and power. Ola Kallenius, the CEO of Daimler has indeed recently confirmed that the V12 will be offered on the new generation of the star limousine, which will probably be presented at the beginning of 2020. This engine could nevertheless be reserved for the very luxurious extended version Maybach.

Mercedes V12 engines since 1991

If the rival BMW proposed a V12 on its 7 Series (E32) in 1986, Mercedes waited until 1991 and the release of the S-Class generation W140 to get into this mechanical architecture, considered to be the noblest there is. However, the first V12 in the history of Mercedes was larger and more powerful than that of the Bavarian competitor, developing 408 hp for 6 liters of displacement (5 liters and 300 hp on the BMW 750i).

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