4 tracks and 530 hp: the Xerion Trac TS will tear everything in its way!

Claas rejuvenates its range of Xerion high power tractors. To highlight the passage to Stage V of the engine, not to mention the extra power and especially, the four Zuidberg track trains that ensure the passage of ground power without compromise. In terms of technology, the machine also benefits from the Cebis touch terminal and the CMotion joystick.

Claas has unveiled the flagship of its range of tractors equipped with four crawler tracks . His name: Xerion Trac TS . Not to mention the passage to Stage V and  Cebis terminal with touch control . The replacement for  Xerion 4000  is  Xerion 4200.

Up to 530 hp

The Xerion Trac TS 4500 and 5000 respectively develop 490 and 530 hp. On the caterpillar side , German is supplied by the Dutch manufacturer Zuidberg . Engineers opted for the 30-inch wide (762 mm) model and the original Camso rubber tapes . This increases the tractor’s ground contact area by 25% compared to the widest possible equipped tire version.

The interval between interviews increases to 1000 hours

Result: a better passage of power on the ground and less  pressure. The oscillating suspension of the crawler trains ensures the follow-up of the ground. Not to mention the suspended cabin which offers optimal comfort to the operator. When empty, the Xerion Trac TS still weighs 24 t. On the road, the total weight laden can climb to 30 t. Viewpoint size, the width of the machine does not exceed 3 m.

More engine power

Compared to the old version, the 4200 Series tractor is up to 30 hp and now has 462 hp. To meet Stage V requirements, the manufacturer uses SCR technology , the particle filter and Doc . All components are integrated under the crankcases of the machine, which does not obstruct the visibility from the cabin. The interval between interviews increases to 1000 hours. That’s twice as much as the previous engine! Also note the end of the oil gauge. It is now replaced by a level sensor that displays the amount of oil on the Cebis screen .


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