Bowsers ATZ-6 is designed for transportation, temporary storage and refueling of light oil in various vehicles with the measurement of the number of issued toplivnogo number. Density of petroleum product of not more than 0,83 t/cu. m.

Operating conditions of this model are extensive; the technique can move through all types of road surface and used in a temperature range from -45 to +40 degrees Celsius

Vehicle type ATZ equipped for the carriage of dangerous goods and comply with international requirements of ADR.

Tanks have a “Certificate of calibration”.

Tanker ATZ can be made in all climatic versions.

The components of the tank:

  • tank (suitcase, 09G2S),
  • pump stsl 00А or SVN-80A,
  • measuring device tablewrapdata (ITB),
  • fire-fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, sand box).

Technical characteristics of the tanker

A special vehicle is a tank mounted on the chassis “KAMAZ”.

The tank is a welded structure with two bottoms and sides of the suitcase shape. The tank body is made of sheet carbon steel 09G2S strengthened from the inside and ploskovice hardness, which additionally perform the role of lateral groynes. Additional sealing of the welds greatly increases the overall life of the tank. The tank has the filler pipe. On top of the tank welded neck with manhole (diameter 500 mm), bottom sump and flange for connection to the pumping node.In order to avoid the appearance of air pockets when filling the tank, installed the air duct tube with the ends placed in the neck.

Provides the index of the fill level in a sight glass (clinker) on the collar and the tried and tested aluminum hatch DN-600 production AGSM. Pressure-suction hoses DN 75 and is resistant to petroleum products, have a service life of at least 3 years. Fixing the sleeve on the hook allows the use of a sleeve of greater length relative to the canister and provides quick access. The drain pipe do 75 mm provides three-mode range of operation of the pump (pumping, draining, pumping, bypassing the tank).

In the cover of the manhole mounted valves: respiratory and safety — they are responsible for the message cavities of the sections of the tank with the atmosphere. Plastic breathing valve is not subject to corrosion.

The tank is available for service with non-slip surface in the area of the neck. For a comfortable lift to the platform pre-installed staircase. Folding handrail of the service platform increases the comfort and safety of the operator loading. Plastic box for storage of fire extinguishers conveniently located on the front wall of the tank.

Tank base made of supports on the subframe and is designed for mounting to the chassis. A support joined to the metal cradles that are attached to the frame rails, truck step ladders. To save from collapse under the pillars in the cradle is a metal stand and ribs. Under the supports of the tank are rubber shock absorbers. Cable tie to the chassis in a pair of floating legs of the tank guarantee the safety of vessel and fuel in extreme conditions.

Elektrobudowa laid in the hose, all connections are tight, the instruments are made explosion-proof. The exhaust outlet up behind the cab bodies installed spark arrester. Prop-base technology wardrobe of UVT is made of stainless steel.

The convenient location of the wheel chocks. Reliable underride the timber paired with DZK on the rear overhang protects in case of unexpected emergency.

On the tanker provides for the warning “Flammable”. To the rear there is a circuit of camp ground. 200 mm the chain must touch the road.

Measuring device tablewrapdata is located in the control module: Its constituents:

  • fine filters (filtration 25 µm),
  • counter PPO 40,
  • sleeve transfer case RTK-25 (DN 25, length 4.5 m),
  • crane handout RKT-20,
  • pressure gauges,
  • ball valve DN 25.


  • The node issuing the fuel in a separate process Cabinet in the rear of the tank.
  • Increased sleeve length for discharge of fuel (up to 20 m) with mounting hook-retainers on the perimeter of the tank or on the unwinding reel.
  • An additional compartment for the transportation and delivery of the oil.

Improvements under the transportation of dangerous goods:

  • the orange tank that says “FLAMMABLE”,
  • the transfer of the silencer,
  • spark arrestor,
  • shielded wiring,
  • coil grounding
  • the grounding circuit
  • protection of fuel tanks
  • rear protective device
  • flashing beacons orange – 2 PCs,
  • fire extinguishers – 2 pieces,
  • a box for sand,
  • box felt,
  • retro-reflective markings
  • mount information signs hazard class.