Mixer truck KAMAZ-58149Z intended for delivery of finished concrete to consumers, preserving the properties of the mixture in transit, and to discharge the mixture to the place of laying, or concrete equipment (concrete pumps, stationary concrete pumps, etc.).

Technical features:

The drive of the mixing drum is supplied from an independent engine.

The system of hydraulic drive is equipped with reliable hydraulic components from leading European and domestic manufacturers:

  • planetary gearbox with high torque rise – “ZF”,Germany, “RMR” Italy;
  • oil cooler with integrated electric fan and oil filter – “AKG Thermotechnik International GmbH&Co.KG”, Germany; “Oesse S. r.l.”, Italy;
  • elastic coupling – damper actuator pump “Centa”, Germany;
  • hydrostatic transmission GST-90 – “PSM-HYDRAULICS”, Russia.

Possible installation of electronic control to maintain constant speed of rotation of the drum of the mixer regardless of the speed of the engine.


  • Centralized lubrication of rollers. Allows you to reduce costs and improve the quality and convenience of work for maintenance of truck mixer.
  • A video surveillance system. Provides the convenience and full control over the Parking and unloading of ready mix concrete in a confined space.
  • Plastic handling trays. Facilitate the work of the operator, reduce injury risk at work.
  • Led backlit graduated scale Vodolaga.
  • The bilateral location of the staircase with platform for operator convenience.
  • Trilateral location of the control levers of the mixer drive on the left, on the right side and from the top of the service.
  • Thermomat for heating Wodonga from the vehicle chassis (24V).
  • The electronic control company “BOSCH” (Germany).
  • “Winter” option of process equipment, providing reliable protection of the concrete mix at low temperatures down to – 40 °C.

The mixer is operated at a temperature from -20 °C to +40 °C.

Specifications chassis
Base chassis KAMAZ-6520
Wheel formula 6×4
Tank capacity for water, l 800
Capacity in concrete mix, kg 17800
Drive power mixing equipment, kW 65
Drive type from Avtonom. engine
Weight parameters and load
The mass of technological equipment, kg 4800
Total weight and/m, kg 33100
The distribution of full mass, kg
on the back of the truck 25600
front axle 7500
Curb weight, kg 14425
Engine model Cummins ISB6.7e4 300 / Cummins ISB6.7 300
The maximum useful power, kW (HP) 298 (219) / 307 (225,6)
at frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft, rpm 2500 / 2300
Engine type turbocharged diesel and NVG
Length, mm 8800
Width, mm 2500
Height, mm 3800
Movement speed, km/h
maximum 60
Mixing drum
The capacity of the mixing drum on output of ready mixture, m3 9
Unloading height, mm 400-2350
Height of loading, mm 3800
Geometric volume of mixing drum, m3 14,3
The rate of discharge, m3/min. 1
with the mobility of the concrete mix, see 5-6
Drive type mixing drum hydromechanical with a power takeoff from the independent engine D-245, Hatz, Deutz
The frequency of rotation of the mixing drum, rpm 0-14