Discover the new McLaren Speedtail

Twenty years after having unveiled its legendary McLaren F1, the British manufacturer has lifted the veil on its F1 of the future: the “Hyper-GT” Speedtail. This exceptionally designed model equipped with hybrid mechanics is the most efficient vehicle in the history of the manufacturer.

Find out more about this Batmobile-style racing car, the first units of which should be delivered from 2020.

Elongated body

One of the first things you can see when looking at the design of the McLaren Speedtail is its teardrop shape. Elements such as the closed grille, minimalist openings and retractable cameras as rear view mirrors have been designed to optimize aerodynamic performance.

Inside, the driver’s seat is placed in the central position, with room for two additional passengers. The dashboard is made up of three LCD screens and several controls, such as starting the vehicle. The screens are placed on the ceiling in the same way as the cockpit of an airplane.

Fans of the McLaren constructor as well as students of our mechanics program will surely appreciate the Speedtail to discover in the video below.

The Bugatti Chiron’s rival

In terms of power, the Speedtail is inspired by the legendary McLaren F1 GT produced in the 90s, whose V12 engine was placed in the rear center position. It is equipped with a central block V8 4L twin-turbo of 800 horses from the Senna, coupled to the electrical system of the P1, for a total of 1050 horses!

This new model, which will be the fastest ever built by McLaren, will reach a top speed of 403 km / h, while the speed of 300 km / h can be reached in a record time of 12.8 seconds. The Speedtail has everything to compete with the Bugatti Chiron and its powerful 1500 horsepower engine!

There is little chance that our students who undergo training in automobile mechanics will find this model on our roads since only 106 copies (all reserved) will be manufactured from 2019. Most of the future owners will probably not drive their car since it is a collector’s item and an object of speculation. The purchase of the Speedtail is reserved for the most loyal customers of the manufacturer who are automobile collectors.

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