Ecomondo 2019, all the news in the sector

Ecomondo 2019: see you in Rimini?

We are honored to participate in Ecomondo, the national event that brings together all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform. Our company will also be present in the 2019 edition, see you in Rimini?

If you care about the environment and you are an operator in the sector you cannot miss it and now, if you give us a few minutes, we will explain to you why Ecomondo is so important.

The circular economy chain

In recent years we have witnessed a progressive deterioration of the ecosystem in which we live and a radical intervention that re-thinks the entire productive world as something eco-sustainable has been evaluated as necessary.

We have already dealt with the circular economy but what we want to report is how much our entire supply chain has become so important that it is at the center of an event as important as Ecomondo.

When we talk about the “supply chain” we intend to bring to your attention all the aspects related to the main actors of the new innovative and sustainable business system.

Ecodesign, the valorisation of waste, the management of transport systems, the redevelopment (or reclamation) of a contaminated area are all topics that gravitate within the same galaxy: the circular economy.

The extent to which this aspect has taken hold and will become increasingly essential in future entrepreneurial choices, is confirmed by the fact that the research bodies of all European states participate very enthusiastically in the new priorities: innovation, research and training.

Because it is not enough to adopt advanced production processes, it is necessary that the workers of each individual company are trained and adequately prepared for the evolutionary step we are experiencing.

Ecomondo: a journey into the future of the environment

We discover in detail some of the stages we will cross during this journey into the future of the ecosystem that surrounds us.

Words like bioeconomy, biotechnology and bioenergy will become more and more present in our daily vocabulary and it will be thanks to their meaning that we will be able to enhance Italian and European excellence.

The reason is simple, with the coming months the new technologies (innovative and “circular”) will be increasingly important in the traditional industrial business that will tend to be increasingly green and therefore unrelated to current logics.

In this context, raw materials will take on great importance, whose procurement, production and consumption processes must be closely linked to the basic principles of the circular economy.

It will become necessary to adopt a new business model and rethink the entire production cycle of materials to make them reusable over time and expand their life cycle.

At Ecomondo there will also be great attention to the technologies of the agricultural sector, currently subject to regulatory investigations related to systems capable of integrating the new production of renewable gas (biomass, biogas and biomethane).

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