Energy: in Chile, French groups invest in solar

Several French companies have become major players in solar energy abroad. Direction Chile and its solar forest, in full desert.

Atacama, in northern Chile , is the driest desert in the world. Here, everything is only dust and rubble. But in these arid lands are now growing everywhere fields of solar panels. It is the third largest photovoltaic power plant in the country. There are exactly 378,880 panels, the equivalent of 700 football fields. It is the French group EDF which made the bet, four years ago, of the solar energy in South America. It has invested a total of 369 million euros in Chile.

The desert Atacama, a blessed land of the sun god

“In Atacama, we have 360 ​​days of sunshine a year, without any clouds, and it is here that the sun’s radiation is the highest in the world,” explains a Chilean engineer. The French groups Total and Engie have also invested, raising the share of solar energy in the country to 10%, which is five times higher than in France. In five years, ten billion euros will be spent in renewable energy in Chile.

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