Few seconds are enough to connect everything thanks to the F-Con!

Fliegl reinvents tool coupling with F-Con. Speed, safety, respect for the environment … almost everything is on the system to connect all connections (hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and Isobus) in just seconds.

With the growing number of couplings to connect to a tool behind the tractor, Fliegl is innovating and unveiling its quick-connect system . His name: F-Con . According to the demonstration of the representative of the brand, a few seconds are enough to connect all the hydraulic connections . Not to mention pneumatic braking hands for those who benefit from tractor equipped with technology, Isobus plug and lighting.

Clearly, a metal plate collects all the connectors on the tractor side. The same tool side plate allows you to connect everything in one go. Simply present the system and snap it into the guides. A kind of crank can then clip the whole in an instant. Ditto to unhitch. The operator uses the key to unlock the device and voila!

12 hydraulic connections from 25 to 400 l / min

Depending on the brand, up to 12 hydraulic connections (from 25 to 400 l / min flow) can be grouped together. What to avoid errors of connection! Ecological point of view, no more oil leaks at each connection. Missing is the forced taking e to benefit from a complete system.

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