Purpose and scope the mobile tower AGP 22

Cargo vehicle delivers teams of workers and of the equipment to the place of execution. Mounted on a special vehicle lift mechanism provides delivery of high altitude directly to the object, the place of the work. Applied for mobile tower AGP 22 technical characteristics and design features, and the use of modern Italian equipment enables lifting of installers and tools over a distance of 22 metres above ground level.

The aerial platform AGP 22 is designed to perform the following types of works on application sector:

  • in the construction sector;
  • in the implementation, construction and repair works related to metal structures and buildings;
  • the placement of billboards, light boards, etc.;
  • carrying out various electrical installation works.

The technique has found application in the construction sector, housing and utilities, electricity, etc. Enables a wide range of works of high complexity with a guarantee of security for life and health professionals (installers, repairmen and so forth). The possibility of safe operation and protection against electric shock when servicing power lines, appliances and devices in the electrical, under voltage up to 1000 V inclusive.

the aerial platform AGP 22

Specifications AGP 22

The sectional boom design telescoping, box-like shape. This solution provides the possibility of using aerial platforms AGP 22 in tight spaces and allows you to work in a limited space. The cradle in which there are operation and tools made from lightweight aluminium alloy, is characterized by high strength and reliability. Dimensions 140 cm / 70 cm / 110 cmProvides the ability to safely turn the carrycot as clockwise, and against it, in total covering a sector of 120 degrees, which allows fine positioning of the employees before the repaired object. The permitted capacity of 250-300 kg, ergonomic design, provides free accommodation for 2 installers with the necessary tool. The platform, which is equipped with a retractable boom can be rotated in both directions by 180°, thus providing complete circular rotation.

Consider the main performance characteristics:

Feature Figure
The drive control hydraulic
Working height payload m 22
Maximum boom, m 10
Maximum load capacity, kg 300
Deployment time at max. height, min. 2
Hydraulic pressure kg/cm2 100
The speed of traffic on the route, km/h up to 60

Additional advantages

In order to ensure the security and efficiency of the equipment installed on the aerial platform AGP 22, the constructors provided by the timing and sequence of operations. In case of emergency for fast descent is an additional pump. All electric cables placed in the inner cavity of the boom and protected from possible damage. The cradle is equipped with an electric socket, to which a voltage of 220 V. Such a simple design solution was liked by all users, as it provides connection manual portable power tools.

In General, provided for mobile tower AGP 22 technical features, innovative solutions and design features allow us to perform works of high complexity at a height ensuring maximum safety for operating personnel.

The rules control the operation of aerial platforms

The control of the aerial platform is a special electro-hydraulic system. This means that the team delivers and manages the entire process of movement of the boom and cradle electronics, and hydraulics acts as a means to the most efficient and accurate execution of commands and operations.

Before you begin, you must install the truck chassis on level ground and lock its position with the help of special outriggers – outriggers. They provide additional stability to the vehicle on the ground and maintain the platform in a consistently horizontal position. Only after that are allowed to deploy installation. Working hydraulics provides the diesel engine of the vehicle itself.

For ease and efficiency of operator’s work provided the ability to control the device from the ground (using the remote remote control), or from the carrycot attached it with the remote control. This solution allows you to accurately and safely approach the object the execution of works, which is appreciated by specialists of different services that use this equipment. Both remotes have a special emergency button for safe locking of the hydraulic system.In addition, there is an additional possibility to start or stop the engine right height, using the extra button. This is useful if the driver is one of the workers, and the workflow requires a prolonged stay in a static position. This provides a significant savings of fuel and service life without compromising the safety of workers.