Israel grew up tomatoes which don’t need watering

How to grow up qualitative tomatoes, demanding the minimum watering? Details – from the experimental field in Israel in the Futuris program.

Teetotal … tomatoes

Growing up here such tomatoes, 90% less water, than for cultivation of traditional grades was required. The novelty is distinguished by unusual resistance to a drought and high temperatures. If superresistant tomatoes are besides tasty, juicy, will yield a good harvest, then farmers will be able to breathe a sigh of relief – the pot of gold is found! So far the tomatoes capable to manage very small amount of water are grown up and tested in Israel.

40 thousand bushes of 200 grades: such variety reigns on this experimental field. For some subspecies life here not sugar: bushes watered the first three weeks of a season; and then they didn’t receive at all until the end of droughty and hot summer. Sata Meath Kosh, agronomist: “This big bush behind me is watered regularly. We know: if you want to receive a juicy fruit, then water tomatoes regularly and generously. But interests us whether it is possible to achieve the same result, having limited some grades in water.

As soon as we find out which of our wards will sustain such rigid mode, we will at once pass to the following stage of researches”. The task to remove tomatoes, steady against a drought, scientific was also received within the European research project. Specialists decided to lay aside genetically modified grades and to address nature resources. Daniel Zamir, agronomist: “We study a natural biodiversity, we allocate models of “behaviour” of these or those grades, separate individuals necessary to us in the nature, and then by crossing we try to remove a grade of tomatoes necessary to us. A task – to receive, so to say, usual to us tomato which thanks to selection took something new from the nature”.

Unpretentious and tasty

Small water consumption is attractive to farmers, however first of all tomatoes have to be tasty and juicy. This laboratory annually tests 700 grades. The most successful go on seeds. In base of scientific center for years of work 12 thousand types of interesting sowing material accumulated Matan Oved, agronomist: “We pay much attention to tastes. We evaluate as far as the fruit is sweet, fragrant. Its color, texture are how attractive”. Kilograms and kilograms of tomatoes, and here you found that – tasty, sweet, pleasant. Scientists start studying of its DNA. Then to cross successful views with others. Yael Goldberg, biotechnologist: “We check hundreds of DNA samples. Paying attention to the stability put by the nature, unpretentiousness.

Selection, crossing – against the background of the continuing scientific researches are necessary to us”. Scientists are also interested in grades, naturally steady against wreckers and to diseases. However it is a subject of a separate conversation.

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