Model JS240 – 24-ton machine of line heavy multi-tracked excavators JCB. This special equipment designed to ensure high performance and efficiency, exceptional strength, security and comfort of operation and ease of maintenance.

Thanks to the box-like structure around the perimeter of the turntable is achieved by increasing the strength and reducing the load. Due to this, the excavators offer superior resistance to impact damage. For the production of machinery used robust components, the quality of which meets the highest industry standards.

Such a full-circle excavators are equipped with highly efficient powertrains Isuzu 4HK1. The power installed on the machine motors of 140 kW. The power plant comply with the environmental requirements of the Tier 3 standard. They deliver outstanding fuel economy. And this is not a complete list of advantages JS240 tracked vehicles.


  • Isuzu engine with a power of 140 kW, meets environmental standard Tier 3.
  • The magnitude of the digging forces developed by the bucket cylinder, 15% higher than on the technique of competitors
  • The magnitude of the digging forces developed by the hydraulic cylinder of the handle, to 39 % higher compared to competitor machines.
  • Easy access for maintenance, one of the best in its class.
  • Reliable turntable, solid door compartments.
  • Comfortable, spacious cab with excellent visibility.


New crawler excavator JCB JS240 designed to provide maximum safety, comfort, efficiency, ease of control and ease of use. Work on such machines convenient for operators and beneficial for the company: the simpler the control, the higher the productivity.

Due to the damping of the boom cylinders and stick prevents the occurrence of shock loads. This protects the machine and increases operator comfort. To reduce noise and vibration there are six rubber mounts.

Cab excavators JS240 characterized by an excellent all-round visibility. The split windshield in the ratio of 70 : 30 provides excellent visual inspection of the area near the front of the caterpillar on the right. A large laminated glass roof also improves visibility.

For the most complete control equipment JCB JS240 comes with a balanced rotary mechanism and electro-hydraulic control system braking the rotation. Functional elements, with which you can enable/disable heating and to adjust the climate control, located under the operator’s hand. On the sidebar is partially duplicated code selector Immobiliser.


Today saving time and money is more important than ever task. With work can help to cope excavators JCB JS240.

Isuzu power unit, complying with Tier 3, delivers power of 140 kW and is an incredible efficiency. The engine develops high torque at low rpm.

Due to the impressive digging forces developed by the bucket cylinder which is 192 kN, JS240 model provides excellent performance, surpassing the closest rivals by up to 15 %. The machine is also characterized by a higher digging force developed by the hydraulic cylinder handle – 179 kN (handle, 2 m long). These figures to 39% higher than comparable equipment from other brands. Thanks to the quick release carriage to replace attachments can be quickly and easily.

Convenient multi-function control allows you to quickly and smoothly execute movement while carrying out excavation. The presence of 4 modes allows the operator to choose the optimal level of performance tailored to specific tasks. Modes “Precision”, “Savings”, “Lift” and “Auto” give you the opportunity to adjust settings while performing different working operations.


Choosing a tracked excavator, you need to ensure that its technical capabilities will allow to cope with the planned scope of work. Fortunately, the reliability and durability key features technology JS240.

JCB performs a thorough test of the strength characteristics and durability of machines, performs analysis by the finite element method. All this ensures a long service life are presented in the model number technology. For the manufacture of a reinforced boom and stick used high-strength steel. The durability of the machine also to provide a solid bottom plate of the boom and the internal partitions.

Robust suspension model JS240 based on the x-frame. Thanks to this technique retains strength even when working in extremely difficult conditions. Durability also ensures a reliable turntable.

The tower excavator is securely welded to the lower and the upper plane of the chassis. Exceptionally strong door to increase the strength.


The JCB JS240 model is designed for maximum ease of maintenance. Crawler excavators these high-performance, efficient and affordable.

Pneumatic cylinders provide easy opening/closing of the hood. Access for maintenance is easily accomplished through the wide and large compartments.

The lubrication interval of the handle and arrows multi-machines can reach 1000 machine hours, resource hydraulic oil – 5000 Moto-hours. Together this ensures a longer uninterrupted operation of the excavator. Lubrication points on a 24-ton technique JS240 centralised for safe and easy access to them. The same applies to oil filters of hydraulic system and engine and fuel filter.

Radiators, power unit, hydraulic oil and intercooler crawler excavators JS240 arranged in the same plane next to each other. Due to this, their individual cleaning and maintenance are very simple.