JS205 is the most popular model in the line of tracked excavators JCB. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the excavator comes in three versions chassis: standard (SC), long (LC) or position (NLC). Regardless of the embodiment, the movement speed is 3.8 km/h, maximum slope with continuous movement of 35° (70 %). Large fuel tank (343 l) allows you to work longer without refueling.

Implementation of the LiveLink system allows you to remotely control the operation of the excavator. The system provides accurate records of operating hours, downtime and informs about the current state of the art. It recalls the terms of the replacement of technical liquids and simplifies maintenance. LiveLink reports on the facts of unauthorized equipment usage to improve labor discipline at the facility.


3.8 km/h
Fuel tank capacity
343 l
The maximum slope of the terrain

Comfort and safety operator

Simplicity of management. The dashboard has an intuitive interface and ergonomic arrangement of function keys and switches. Audible and visual indicators the instrument panel allow you to control the following parameters:

  • the coolant level;
  • contamination of the air filter;
  • the temperature of the hydraulic oil.

Improved visibility. The cab design with increased glass area and low hood line to provide improved visibility and security when carrying out works.

The comfortable cabin. The operator is designed to reduce fatigue during the working day. Vibration and noise are reduced to a minimum thanks to six supporting-damping elements of the cabin. The chair and the armrests can be adjusted individually for each operator. Comfortable temperature in the cabin provides climate control. For personal belongings provided a box located behind the operator seat.


JS205 excavator is equipped with six-cylinder engine Cummins 6BT 5.9 turbo-charged and direct fuel injection power 140 HP (104 kW). This engine has proven itself as a reliable, easy to maintain and unpretentious to quality of fuel.

The innovative system of recirculation of the hydraulic fluid allows oil to circulate between tokovoi and piston cavities of hydraulic cylinders to reduce cycle time and fuel consumption

There are two modes of operation:

  • economical. Reduced fuel consumption without significant performance degradation;
  • the increased power. This mode is used to achieve maximum machine performance, increasing the engine power and hydraulic pump to their maximum values.


The excavator is equipped with a reinforced x-shaped frame. The rotary platform has a box-shaped structure, thereby providing high structural strength. The brackets of the tension wheel undercarriage reinforced stiffeners and bottom protection reduces the risk of damage to important units and components of the machine.


Model JS205 is designed to provide easy access to all important sites. All service points are located nearby, reducing the time of carrying out maintenance and planned repairs.