The new excavator the JCB JS220 delivers exceptional performance and performance and became at the moment the culmination of a 48-year-old experience of our company in the development of excavators.

The design of this 22-ton crawler excavator new model JS220 was conducted in accordance with our concept of “efficient design” and the use of new technologies, providing efficiency, performance, comfort and safety.

Our top-notch EcoMAX engine meets the requirements of the standards Stage IV/T4F without using a bulky DPF, and has a fuel consumption 10% less compared to previous models.

Also, this excavator is equipped with brand new reinforced boom and stick.


  • Strong and durable turntable and doors
  • Isuzu engine in compliance with emission class Tier 3 Best in class access for maintenance
  • Spacious and comfortable cab with excellent visibility


Operating weight
The maximum power of the engine
129 kW
Maximum bucket capacity
1.19 m3


The JCB 2GO system fully isolates hydraulic functions to prevent unintended movements of the machine. The new launch allows you to start the car JCB JS220 by two separate actions, when she is in a safe locked state.

The hood of the excavator JS220 — alligator type, for convenient and safe access for maintenance of the engine.

The cabin can be equipped with the rollover protection (ROPS) and falling objects (FOPS).

Large glass area and low bonnet excavator JCB JS220 provide excellent visibility.

To check the oil level in the car JS220 is no longer necessary to climb it, as all scheduled maintenance tasks are performed at ground level.

The function of protective lock levers JCB Safety Level Lock fully isolates hydraulic functions to prevent unintended movements of the machine.


Model JCB JS220 features excellent visibility in the forward direction through the windshield divided in the ratio of 70/30, and the lack of obstructions between the driver and the front part of the right track. This greatly facilitates maneuvering and improves safety when digging trenches.

As the new compact engine EcoMAX T4IB not equipped with cumbersome systems of emission control, for example, the DPF, it easily fits under a low hood updated, providing unobstructed view rearward.

Balanced rotary mechanism and electro-hydraulic braking of the swing platform of an excavator the JCB JS220 allow you to develop incredible speed and precision. Also the machine can be equipped with proportional controls that provide extra smoothness and precision of movements.

Multifunction colour 7-inch display provides clear images, and provides instant output of operating information and has a customisable home screen.

JCB JS220 cab mounted on six elastic rubber mounts that reduce noise and vibration.

The noise level inside the cabin is reduced to 72 dB(A) and 99 dB(A) outside, so the excavator JS220 can be used anytime and anywhere.


The engine EcoMAX Stage IV/T4F consumes 10% less fuel than our standard Tier 3, thereby providing cost savings. It is inparticular due to the fact that the EcoMAX engine develops high torque at speeds just 1500-1600 rpm, and also through the use of effective hydraulic technology.

JCB crawler excavators are equipped with a regenerative hydraulic system, which provides a circular flow of oil into the cylinders to reduce the operating cycles and lower fuel consumption.

Auto idle reduces the engine speed of the excavator JS220, if the hydraulic system of the machine is not in use.

Intuitive multifunction control allows you to smoothly and quickly move the machine simultaneously with the excavation. With four driving modes to tailor the performance of these full-circle excavators to complete any job. Modes Auto (Auto), Economy (Cost), Precision (Exact) and the Lifting (Lift) allow you to choose different optimal settings.

To increase the versatility, JCB offers a wide selection of additional lines, e.g., lines for hammer, auxiliary lines, combined lines and low flow.


Updated reinforced boom and stick of an excavator made of high strength steel and equipped with 3-component reinforcement plates and cast ends for extra strength and durability.

Thanks to the robust cast ends and tides hinges new boom and stick this crawler excavator has incredible reliability.

High-strength undercarriage of crawler excavators JS220 built on the basis of a fully-welded X-frame that provides maximum durability even in the toughest conditions. Turntable is equipped with a rigid frame that is highly durable and serves as a reliable support.

Cabin crawler excavator JS220 welded to the upper and lower frame chassis, rigid and durable doors provide added durability.

Our company uses the finite element method and extensively tested for durability to ensure long service life of these full-revolving excavators. For maximum reliability the design uses only the best components, including the suspension mechanism Berco, Kawasaki pumps and Kayaba control valves.


The oil filtration system JCB Plexus allows to increase oil change intervals up to 5000 hours due to the constant pumping of hydraulic fluid through a 2-micron filter to remove contaminants.

The use of graphite impregnated bronze bushings allowed increasing the intervals of lubrication boom and stick excavator JS220 is up to 1000 hours under normal operating conditions.

The JCB display in the cockpit allows you to monitor the engine oil level, coolant and faulty systems when the engine is started.

In contrast to many standard engines Stage IV/Tier T4F JCB EcoMAX engine is not equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF), thereby reduces the cost of AdBlue liquid.

The newest feature allows you to recalibrate the EcoMAX engine to operate on fuel of a lower quality. This means that the excavator JS220 can be resold in other regions, which improves its residual value.