Front mini loader MKSM-800 is a specialized unit that performs multiple functions in the utilities and construction industry. The main works include: the layout of the terrain for construction, loading and unloading a variety of bulk material, conducting drilling operations, the formation of trenches and pits in the ground, snow in the winter, as well as carrying out simple work in the warehouse.

Multi-purpose loader MKSM-800 is in the group of companies “CHETRA”. The market gained its popularity due to the relatively small size (compared to competitors), and execute a variety of simple, bystrovany and necessary tasks in the construction and utilities sector, where large equipment often cannot be used for its intended purpose.

Overview of the loader MKSM-800


This type of technology, as we wrote earlier, refers to a multi-purpose specialty vehicles due to the large amount of interchangeable equipment that is used to perform various kinds of tasks.

It is useful to know that the replacement attachments for mini loader can be operated with just one operator, because the process of replacement is quite simple and does not require operating personnel of special technical knowledge. Moreover, the replacement of equipment occurs over a short period of time, which is very appreciated in the production of works!

MKSM-800 for organizations and entrepreneurs is an excellent option for the production of works in “compressed” overall conditions. Work for this type of technology will always be and hence will pay off the truck very quickly, which is very beneficial. I would also like to note that the costs of works executed with application of a small SAMPLE is much lower compared to other equipment.

Appearance MKSM-800

The main features of the truck

Consider the variant of the technique takes place literally on the spot and through included engineers “CHETRA” in the list of equipment volumetric hydraulic drive with infinitely variable speeds and reduces gradually gaining speed. The control is performed by means of two joysticks, that’s pretty simple!

In comparison with analogues of competitors (CASE 410 and Lui Gong 365А) consider the variant has distinguishing features and characteristics. Let’s highlight some of them:

  • Quality engine from John Deere, Hatz, or that we are very tempted.
  • Higher rates of patency and control of the standard chassis.
  • Designed and installed in volume hydraulic drive (a little above we wrote about it).
  • Convenient location, and hence the use of management tools.
  • Maintenance, daily inspection and repair is made much easier due to the design features.
Mini loader MKSM-800


On the market today meet not only the standard model MKSM-800, but also some modifications to a variety of application of basic components and assemblies. Let’s learn more let’s describe each of them.

Model MKSM-800A – welded the frame and installed a special clutch for manufacture of works at negative ambient temperatures.

Model MKSM-800K – is equipped with a diesel power unit of the American company John Deere, in rare cases of company Cummins.

Model MKSM-800Н – is equipped with only a diesel unit of the German company Hatz.

Model MKSM-800A-1 – fresh is the latest modification with the use of pneumatic wheels and tubeless tires, and improved suspension chassis.

Attachments MKSM-800

Main technical characteristics of MKSM-800

Mini loader, depending on the modification is equipped with a power diesel unit, which has a specific consumption of diesel fuel the 161.8 g/HP per hour or 220 g/kWh, which is quite economical. The upper chapel of the maximum speed – 10 km/h. Fixed to the chassis fuel tank holds 55 litres of diesel fuel. Basic dimensional characteristics are given in the figure below.

size MKSM-800

Other features of this model are given in the table below.

Feature Figure
Total weight, t 2,8
Maximum lifting capacity, t 0,8
Maximum speed, km/h 10
Engine type Diesel
The power plant, HP/kW 46,2/34
Fuel consumption per hour, g/HP-HR or g/kW*h 161,8/220
Maximum traction force, kH 24
Transmission Hydromechanical
The chassis type Wheel
Tank volume, l 55
Track width, m 1,41
Long aggregate, m 2,48
Unit height, m 2,065
Control type Mechanical or electrical

How much is a loader MKSM-800 and its analogues

Price loader MKSM-800 varies from 1 to 1.3 million rubles depending on the choice of equipment attachments. The closest analogue – CASE-420 will cost You about the same amount of money. Of course considering the price category for used equipment.

We hope that our brief overview has enabled you to make the right insights, stay with us there is still a lot of different material and good luck!