The MT-x 732 telescopic loader is designed for medium height construction sites. With a lifting capacity of 3.2 t, its boom extends up to 6.90 m.for easy maneuvering on construction sites, the MT-x 732 has a turning radius of 3.72 m and a significant ground clearance (45 cm).

The ergonomic cabin and the innovative multi-function joystick JSM reduce fatigue thanks to the controls, which are located at arm’s length. Access via a wide staircase is fast and secure. Maintenance is simplified with easy access to the main components: engine oil filter, transmission oil filter, diesel fuel filter, air filter, drain plug, battery, and simplifies daily viewing. You can easily reach these components by simply lifting the engine hood.

To Manitou telescopic loader you can easily and quickly pick up the necessary attachments: forks, buckets, buckets for concrete, crane beams, hooks, working platforms.

Capacity 3200 kg
Lifting height 6,90 m
Procid. load 6,7 / 7,3 sec
Lifting with load/without load 8400 daN
Turning radius 3,67 m
Traction 8400 daN
Length 4.77 m
Width Of 2.26 m
Height 2.30 m
Weight 7250 kg
Ground clearance 0,44 m
Engine PERKINS 1104D-44TA
Engine power 61,5 kW