Mercedes G-Class: EQG version coming soon

The G-Class is certainly a 4×4, but it is nonetheless an icon of the Mercedes range. Also to keep it in the catalog as long as possible, the German manufacturer has announced that it will enter the era of electrification.

The G-Class, which celebrated its 40 years of presence on the market this year, seems to have its place ad vitam aeternam within the Mercedes range. Indeed, on the occasion of the Automobilwoche Kongress, which took place on November 6 and 7 in Berlin, Ola Kallenius, the new boss of Daimler, certified that“… the last Mercedes produced will be a G-Class”. The man also indicated that the 4×4 icon “will have a zero emission version”.

Each model has its own EQ version…

A year ago when the G-Class was renewed, Dieter Zetche, then CEO of the German group, announced that at least one variant of all the models offered in the catalog will be electrified. Today, we know that the G-Class will be completely and should logically, in view of the strategy of the group of the Stuttgart company, be called EQG, in reference to the specifically electric range which only officially counts the SUV EQC.

Other models are on the way: the EQV which will derive from the large V-Class minivan, the recent GLB will have its EQB counterpart, the A-Class will have its EQA version (some prototypes camouflaged under a GLA II body have already surprised), and the S-Class will be available in EQS (which should be inspired by the Vision EQS concept of the 2019 edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show).

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