Suspension pavers BF 800 BF 800 C and P is represented by massive caterpillar tracks and a few pairs of wheels, which leads to their use in large-scale construction projects. The operation of these pavers achieve high performance and excellent quality of the asphalt pavement free of defects and irregularities. The machines are characterized by high dynamism and manoeuvrability even in tight spaces.

Economical diesel engine consumes small amount of fuel, the consumption of which evaluates and controls the measuring system ECO. For heating screed is used the electrical system, the functioning of which does not require a lot of energy. Bulk receiving hoppers models BF 800 BF 800 C and P contain much more asphalt mix than the standard hoppers of pavers of this type. Special belt conveyors and augers ensure a continuous flow of material.

The screed heating is by electric heaters, which are located in special block of aluminum, which protects them from mechanical damage. The heat transfer happens within a short period of time, while uniformly heated pressing plates. The length of the screed is adjustable by special mechanical devices which are fixed in a predetermined position without requiring complicated connecting beams.

When operating the paver BF 800 thickness smoothes the asphalt surface is 30 cm. the thickness of the pressing plates is 40 cm, the weight of the screed is 4.2 tons. With these parameters on asphalt pavement is a high pressure, providing high quality pre-processing that is performed immediately prior to sealing.

When compacting asphalt mix with the paver achieves a high quality coating without defects and damage. The process of material supply is carried out using a double sided scraper conveyor and auger whose diameter is 400 mm. the data Management devices is provided by ultrasonic sensors. Roomy hopper with hydraulic front flap provides a continuous supply of material even with a change of wheels.The operator is provided with a convenient working platform with the possibility to review the construction of the object and the external operating units of the paver. Dashboard and controls located at optimal distance from the adjustable seat user. The cabin is protected from adverse weather conditions.

The control of these pavers is fairly simple. Being on the job site, the operator controls the operation of the conveyors and augers, the required information are read by special sensors, which are equipped with the equipment. Company BOMAG has developed innovative system for detecting defects on the treated surface, which is provided with the pavers BF 800 BF 800 C and P. the coolant Supply to the main working bodies is carried out automatically.

Technical characteristics of the pavers BF 800 BF 800 C and P

Model BF 800 C BF 800 P
Working width, mm 1000 9000
Working weight, t 21 21
The width of the sealing strip, m 9 9
The engine manufacturer Deutz Deutz
Engine power, kW 139 139
Productivity, t/h 800 800
Heating system screed electric electric