Turkey has tested own ballistic missiles

Turkey has tested own ballistic missiles

Turkey has carried out on the proving ground in Sinop successful tests of the first ballistic missiles of own development. About it on Sunday, March 25, Anadolu reports.

It is about the Gokdogan rockets of small and average range and Bozdogan of big range. As it is noted, during test starts experts could estimate possibilities of the engine of a rocket after shutdown of system of targeting.

In the last quarter 2018 it is also planned to conduct missiles launch from land installation for defeat of moving targets and start-up from the plane.

The Gokdogan and Bozdogan rockets of joint development of specialists of Council for scientific and technical researches of Turkey and Research institute of the defensive industry have for the first time presented in 2017 at the XIII International exhibition of production of the defensive industry in Istanbul. It is planned to finish the project of their development in 2020. After that mass production will be started.

In September of last year Turkey has concluded the contract with Russia for delivery of the Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile systems. The beginning of deliveries is planned for 2019. The contract provides sale to Ankara of four divisions completed with these systems. The cost of the agreement is 2,5 billion dollars, more than a half of the sum will cover the Russian credit.