The USA will react to "chemical attack" in Syria with new anti-Russian sanctions

The USA will react to chemical attack

Messages about use of chemical weapon in East Guta can complicate already difficult relations Moscow and Washington. As has reported a source of Kommersant, close to State Department, this week in the White House will discuss new sanctions against Moscow.

According to the edition, new restrictive measures concerning Russia will be presented by the adviser to the U.S. President Donald Trump John Bolton famous for the for "radical views". The interlocutor of Kommersant in State Department hasn't specified about what sanctions he there is a speech.

According to the source Kommersant in Russian Defense Ministry, at the beginning of the next week Trump can make the decision on rocket attack of the Syrian troops — after obtaining reports from the advisers for national security. In turn, the chief of the head operational management of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Sergey Rudskoy warned earlier that in the Mediterranean and Red seas groups from the American ships with cruise missiles are already created.

Before April 7 the Syrian human rights activists have said that the bomb with nerve gas sarin has been dropped on the city the Duma located in East Guta (other sources reported about use of a bomb with chlorine). As a result of the chemical attack, according to some information, 70 people have died.

The U.S. President Donald Trump Donald Trump has accused of use of chemical weapon of the president of Syria Bashar al-Assad, having promised that allies of government troops "will pay dearly" for attack. He has declared also again responsibility of Russia and Iran for support of Syrian regime.

Moscow denies any participation of Damascus in intended application of toxic agents in the Duma. In the Russian Foreign Ministry have specified that the West prepares by similar charges the soil for possible blow to the Syrian army.

Besides, on April 9 the news agency of SANA has reported that the Syrian air base in the province Homs has undergone rocket attack, there are dead and injured. The interlocutor of the agency has assumed that it is similar to the American aggression, however in the Pentagon of the USA participation in the attack was disproved. Meanwhile, in the Russian Defense Ministry have reported that blows to airfield were struck by the Israeli Air Force planes.