Relive the highlights of the show

Agritechnica has just closed. For several days, the editorial team made you live the highlights of this show live. Find now in images, the novelties presented, the machines awarded with the machine prize of the year 2020 and all that made the news during seven days on Agritechnica.

Live Agritechnica as if you were there

The Terre-net editorial team invites you to follow the latest news from the manufacturers live from the Hannover exhibition center. John Deere and Joskin have worked together to offer this hybrid transmission package. The tractor’s eAutoPowr box provides electric motors to replace the hydraulic system. And the energy produced by the generator is also used to power the electric motors of Joskin trailer axles. Additional assistance that enhances the motor skills of the convoy!

New in the spray? This self propelled Hagie is to be seen on the John Deere booth next to the space “Future of farming” …

Finally a real innovation at the service of the farmer. Fliegl offers a hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic and Isobus connection platform that takes 20 seconds to connect everything. All without risking reversing the connections and limiting fluid leaks. His name: F-Con.

No, Agritechnica is not reserved for ever more powerful tractors. Farmers can also find small canopi models of the Kartar brand! An important technological shift!

The XXL self-propelled Amazon goes black. But where will this unique version of Pantera go?

3000 m2 booth, 32 novelties, 3 medals on the list of innovation: Amazone sees things in big for Agritechnica.

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