Rink clay BW 124 DH-3 is used for road works in the construction and repair of roads, places, Parking cars, digging trenches for laying sewer pipes and the subsequent backfilling of the ditches. These models are used in the processing of granular soil (sand, gravel, rock dust) and soil mixes with a high water content. The rink has a good ability to overcome steep climbs, allowing you to use it on raised surfaces.Due to the high traction force machine is additionally equipped with a special blade, thereby increasing workflow efficiency. Compact design allows you to use a clay skating rink BW 124 DH-3 at construction sites of small size, where especially important is the high maneuverability and mobility of the machine.

The operator is provided the ability to adjust the amplitude and frequency of vibration of the device and to choose the most appropriate options for the implementation of an operation. Undercarriage roller wheels are rigidly fixed on the axles to prevent them from turning and to ensure high-quality compaction even under adverse conditions. The application of the system of coupled pumps ensures the quality of implementation of the treatment soil layer with a vibrator on steep slopes.

Rink BW 124 DH-3 does not require frequent technical maintenance, which usually takes a lot of costs. The engine consumes a small amount of fuel, which in turn positively affects the efficiency of the new machine. The possibility of a full circular view of the working space, automatic braking in case of emergency and the need for an emergency stop, a device beeps reverse, ensuring the absolute safety of the production process and protection of the operator during operation of the rink.The user controls the machine, while the spacious working area. Cabin accommodations dashboard is equipped with ventilation and heating devices.

A special blade is used for uniform distribution of soil layer on the road surface. Its use is especially necessary in backfilling of ditches, the repairing of the roads.

Technical characteristics of the soil of the rink BW 124 DH-3

Working weight, t 3,3
Working width, mm 1200
Fuel tank capacity, l 60
Static linear load, kg/cm 13,3
Travel speed, km/h 9
Gradeability (with vibration/without vibration) % 55/55
Manufacturer Deutz
Type D 2011 L3i
Power, kW 33
The number of cylinders 3
Speed, m/min 2500
Drive system hydrostatic
The service brake hydrostatic
Handbrake hydromechanical
Cooling air-oil
Vibrating device
Frequency, Hz 41
Amplitude, mm 1,70/0,85
Centrifugal force kN 85/43
Drive system hydrostatic
Compaction of the soil, m3/h
Gravel, sand 105-210
Soil mix 75-150
Soft soil, clay 40-90
The thickness of the sealing layer, m
Gravel, sand 0,35
Soil mix 0,25
Soft soil, clay 0,15