Rink clay BW 124 PDH-3 is designed for carrying out auxiliary operations and soil compaction for construction of roads, car parks, trenching for pipelines and backfilling of ditches. This rink is primarily used for work on the ground with a high water content. The car has excellent rate of climb characteristics, aided by high-torque drive system.Due to high traction clay rink BW 124 PDH-3 can be used in conjunction with the dozer blade, which makes it a difficult unit to evenly distribute the soil, its compaction and the subsequent consolidation.

Compactor roller is equipped with dual pumps for the ground drive. The brake device is located on the rear axle of the machine. Drive system equipped with a differential lock.The control roller is carried out using a hydrostatic steering device. Monitoring equipment includes meter hours, hand brake, control device, oil pressure in the engine and temperature balance, air cleaner, fuel gauge.

In the case of malfunctions in the machine triggered the siren alarms. Remote management of the rink has a special protective device against mechanical damage. Model BW 124 PDH-3 is equipped with a beeper reversing and an emergency stop button. Adjustable operator’s seat is equipped with seat belts. Full illumination of the working space with the help of special devices provides clear visibility regardless of weather conditions.

Technical characteristics of the soil of the rink BW 124 PDH-3

Working weight, t 3,3
Working width, mm 1200
Fuel tank capacity, l 60
Static linear load, kg/cm 1650-1700
Travel speed, km/h 9
Gradeability (with vibration/without vibration) % 55/55
Manufacturer Deutz
Type D 2011 L3i
Power, kW 33
The number of cylinders 3
Rotation speed, rpm 2500
Drive system hydrostatic
The service brake hydrostatic
Handbrake hydromechanical
Cooling air-oil
Vibrating device
Frequency, Hz 41
Amplitude, mm 1,60/0,80
Centrifugal force kN 85/43