Rink clay BW 145 D-3 is designed for compacting granular soils (sand, gravel, stone powder), a soil mixture with a high content of water and hydraulically binders during the construction of roads, Parking areas, digging trenches for laying sewer pipes, backfilling of trenches and pits. With its compact design the machine is ideal for use in confined spaces.

The operator is given the opportunity to choose the optimal amplitude of the vibrating device for implementing the specific operation. In order to avoid turning wheel fixed rigid axle. Compactor roller is equipped with a special system of coupled pumps, which ensures unimpeded overcoming steep climbs with the included vibrating device.

Enhanced engine consumes minimal fuel and does not require large maintenance costs. The main working bodies of the machine (drive system, cardan, cylinder steering gear) does not require daily inspection.

The safety of the production process is ensured by the presence of the emergency braking device acoustic signal reverse possibility of the circular review workspace while on the jobsite. The operator’s cabin is equipped with heating and ventilation devices.

Rink clay BW 145 D-3 is additionally equipped with a special blade with which the soil is spread evenly over the surface. In addition to the standard functions lifting and lowering the plow can be pivoted and tilted at a certain angle. The raising and lowering of the blade is performed by means of a foot pedal, pan and tilt – by means of the hand lever.

Technical characteristics of the soil of the rink BW 145 D-3

Working width, mm 1426
Working weight, t 5
The turning radius of the rink on the outer contour of the track, mm 2780
Manufacturer Deutz
Type TD 2011 L04 i
The number of cylinders 4
Cooling oil
Drive system hydrostatic
Power, kW 56
Rotation speed, rpm 2600
Fuel diesel
The service brake hydrostatic
Handbrake hydromechanical
Vibrating device
Drive system hydrostatic
Frequency, Hz 34/34
The amplitude of vibrations, mm 1,70/0,85
Centrifugal force kN 100/50
General characteristics
Movement speed, km/h 6,2
Working speed, km/h 10
Max. gradeability without vibration/ with vibration % 47/47
Fuel tank capacity, l 110
Compaction of the soil, m3/h
Gravel, sand (layer thickness 0.40 m) 160-320
The soil mixture (layer thickness of 0.30 m) 120-240
Soft soil, clay (layer thickness 0,15 m) 60-120