Sen instead of Renault Arkana: kupeobrazny Skoda Kodiaq caught in Europe

A new modification of the flagship crossover Skoda disguised as Mazda CX-5 previous generation.

Kodiaq GT has been announced only for China-the appearance of the “celestial” version is already declassified, the Chinese market will be released in the near future. But for Europe, “coupe” has not yet confirmed: earlier, the head of Skoda in one of his interviews only hinted at the possibility of the appearance of such a car outside China. Meanwhile, in a Spanish publication Motor were the images Kodiaq GT, which was made in the Old world. Probably a positive decision to enter the European market cross-coupe still made, it remains to wait for the official release.

The lens landed several “SUV” Skoda, with the majority disguised as the Mazda CX-5 first generation: the features of “Japanese” and simulated front and rear. However, one of the Kodiaq GT “dressed” in the usual spotted camouflage, through which you can see the broken lights, like a Chinese “coupe”. In addition to the lights, kupeobrazny SUV differs from the standard Kodiaq bumpers and, of course, littered rear pillars.

The Chinese version is shorter and lower than the usual “SUV” — the length of the “coupe” is 4634 mm (-63 mm compared to the standard model), height – 1649 mm (-27 mm). The width and wheelbase have not changed — 1883 and 2791 mm respectively. Skoda Kodiaq GT will be available only with a five-seat cabin, while the conventional SUV has a seven-seat version. Note that the Chinese” just ” Kodiaq has the same dimensions as the European model.

According to preliminary data, the celestial cross-coupe will offer c “turbochetverkoy” 2.0 TSI (186 or 220 HP), which works with a seven-step “robot” DSG. The same engine in China is equipped with a standard “SUV”. For the usual model, there is still a 1.8 TSI engine with a capacity of 180 HP, but the “coupe” this motor did not get. Kodiaq GT will be available for purchase with all-wheel drive.

In Europe, the usual Skoda Kodiaq today available with petrol 1.4 TSI (125 or 150 HP) and 2.0 TSI (180 HP), as well as with 2.0 TDI diesel (150 or 190 HP), drive – front or full. Soon the “old-world” market should enter the crossover with a new 150-horsepower 1.5 TSI engine (will replace 1.4 TSI of the same power) and upgraded two-liter gasoline engine (return increased to 190 HP). What engines will have European Kodiaq GT-is unknown.

Information about the timing of the start of cross-coupe sales in Europe. It is possible that this version will debut there only next year. By the way, Skoda will be the first mass brand that will offer European customers a coupe-like SUV.

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