The design of the Chinese bomber of the future is shown

The design of the Chinese bomber of the future is shown

On a cover of the Chinese magazine Aerospace Knowledge have placed the drawing of the perspective strategic Xian H-20 bomber which is developed in China. The military blog dambiev has paid attention to it.

The image can demonstrate that command of the Air Force of the People's Republic of China finally has decided on the project of the plane, the author explains.

Beijing has confirmed officially development of the strategic bomber of new generation in September, 2016. The Chinese military don't disclose any details of the project, promising to show the plane "sometime in the future".

According to experts, H-20 can be taken advantage in the middle of the 2020th years. It is supposed that he will be created according to the scheme "flying wing" with application a stealth technology and as consider in the Pentagon, will be able to bear both conventional weapons, and nuclear.

On arms of the Air Force and Naval Forces of China, according to open data, there are about 170 jet Xian H-6 bombers of various modifications. This plane represents the license copy of the Soviet Tu-16 which operation in Russia have refused in 1993. The bomber is capable to bear nuclear weapon, his flying range is made by six thousand kilometers, the maximum speed — 1 050 kilometers per hour.