LSEV electric vehicle

lsev electric car

The Chines company Polymker and the Itakian startup of XV announced release of the LSEV mini-electric vehicle.

The LSEV car can accekerate up to 80 kilomters per hour and pass up to 150 kilometers on one charge of the acumulator. Rather low speed means that LSEV will be good for intracity movements.

Though LSEV not the first 3D-printing car in the history - he the first will leave in mass production. Production of LSEV will begin at the end of 2018, and the first deliveries to Europeans will in the middle of 2019 at the price of 10000 dollars for a copy.

Production of parts and assembly take three days (production of the regular car takes about 30-35 hours) Advantage of LSEV is that it consists of 57 parts while the regular car contains about 20000 parts.

The Italian mail has already ordered 5000 LSEV electric vehicles for a delivery of correspondence and parcels. 2000 more cars were already ordered by ARVAL, the company on leasing of cars belonging to the French banking group BNB Paribas.