Robots vacuum cleaners. What to choose?

Robots vacuum cleaners

For what robots vacuum cleaners are necessary what they are able to do and what differ from other cars in? Answers to these and other questions you will find in our article "Robots vacuum cleaners. What to choose?"

What only is done by people that will get rid of house efforts and it is easier to make the life. Washing and dishwashers instead of us wash clothes and wash the dishes, crock-pots cook to us food, coffee makers make coffee. And here it is time to save mankind from need to vacuum. Now you don't need to drag the vacuum cleaner on all apartment and every time when in an hour after cleaning there are new threads on a carpet, and on corners dust is going to be indignant. This heavy burden will be undertaken by the robot vacuum cleaner which will independently maintain purity in your house. But whether he is capable to tide up also qualitatively how the person? We learn the answer to this question at the end of article when we get acquainted with some representatives of electronic assistants.

iRobot Roomba 980

i robot

Until recently the Irobot company specialized in military projects and developed robots for various special operations, but now the management has decided to head for household appliances. Recently this company has released the new product designed to help mankind with cleaning of rooms: iRobotRoomba 980 robot vacuum cleaner. This kid is stuffed with various sensors and sensors which help him to be guided with space and to overcome obstacles. Besides, he even has camera which helps to build the map of the house. In a set a set of indicators which will protect from the robot of a wire, a bowl of pets and other things to which it is better not to admit the heartless car is applied.

Roomba 980 can vacuum in all premises, and not just in the separate room therefore you won't need to drag him on all house and to control cleaning process. Depending on a covering the robot independently changes absorption power, but carpets with dense pile can become for him a serious problem. In that case Roomba 980 to you not the assistant. For cleaning in hard-to-reach spots, like corners, plinths and legs of furniture, this robot has a side brush on the right side.

There lasts charge of the accumulator for 2 hours, and he is loaded 90 minutes. If during cleaning at Roomba980 the accumulator sits down, he independently will become on charging, and after will also independently continue cleaning. It is possible to operate this robot from the mobile phone on the basis of Android or iOS. The special application will help you to make the schedule of cleaning, to change settings, to watch the robot and to control filling of a trash bin. Roomba 980 belongs to a premium class and costs from 1680 to 1750 Belarusian rubles. Whether it is necessary to pay such money for the automatic vacuum cleaner? We learn a bit later for now it is passed to the following copy.



This robot vacuum cleaner is already old, but still remains relevant. He was created in 2012, and he right there has been recognized by the best robot vacuum cleaner around the world. iCleboArte can carry out both dry, and damp cleaning of the room, it means that it is possible to change the standard block with a brush for the block with a rag from microfiber. Of course, it won't replace full damp cleaning, but within a week will be suitable for maintenance of purity.

As well as the previous model, this robot is guided indoors by means of the camera which helps to distinguish various obstacles and to create optimum routes for cleaning. Thanks to various iClebo sensors moves most carefully and doesn't constitute danger to surrounding objects and to itself. Infrared sensors help the robot to approach carefully an obstacle on distance less than one centimeter therefore you will have no problems with dust around pieces of furniture and near walls, and the built-in gyroscope will protect him from falling from a ladder.

iCleboArte, as well as Roomba 980, independently finds the station for recharge, and later continues cleaning. There lasts charge of the accumulator for 3 hours, and charging will take 1,5 hours. In a set the remote control by means of which it is possible to operate the robot is applied to the robot vacuum cleaner, besides standard adapters and brushes, to create routes and the schedule of cleaning and to switch operating modes. Also, together with the robot, the virtual wall by means of which it is possible to protect space in which he can't stop by is applied. This model belongs to the middle class and costs from 990 to 1100 Belarusian rubles.