Volvo R100E dump truck

Volvo R100E dump truck

The Volvo company has developed a series of dump trucks from 4 models, since 45-ton R45D and finishing flagman 100-ton R100E.

Development of Volvo dump trucks was based on long-term experience of Volvo CE-Terex Trucks subsidiary in a combination with the last developments of Volvo Group.

In the market of Russia and some CIS countries will be presented 45-ton R45D, 60-ton R60D, 72-ton R70D and flagman 100-ton R100E.

The Volvo R100E dump truck — absolutely new dump truck with a rigid frame combining reliability, the latest technologies and modern design – is economically effective and high-performance decision for the modern mining and career industry.


Based on the dump trucks of Terex of the TR series checked by time, development of R45D, R60D and R70D dump trucks happened under the most thorough engineering control guaranteeing full compliance to standards of Volvo. The Volvo dump truck has the improved visibility, the updated security systems and also technical support and design of the Volvo equipment. As a result of transition to new dump trucks of the Volvo brand, production of dump trucks under the name of Terex Trucks will stop over time.

Completely new flagman R100E model has been designed with observance of all main wishes of clients to dump trucks, such as high efficiency, small cumulative cost of possession, convenience of service and comfort of the operator.

Having the big loading capacity, high speed of transportation, new V-by a figurative body, productive hydraulics, the system of intellectual monitoring and to a comfortable workplace of the operator, R100E helps to move more material for smaller time.