Tesla range: increased power and route planning

True computers on wheels, Tesla models are regularly updated like a phone. After the big update “version 10.0”, it is a lighter optimization, but not least, which is deployed. It concerns power and route planning.

During the conference announcing the good results of Tesla in the third quarter of 2019, which signals the return of profits after a period in the red, its CEO, Elon Musk, released some information on the new products to come. He notably announced the start of pre-production of the Model 3 at the Shanghai site, and the start of production of the Model Y SUV in the summer of 2020 at the Freemont plant in California.

Power increase

A follower of ” software ” and ” hardware ” updates like on our smartphones, he also mentioned the deployment in the coming weeks of a new optimization. It concerns an  increase in engine power and autonomy . Thanks to a performance software update, they can gain up to 5% power, even if no precise figures have been communicated. The autonomy, as well as the charging speed on the Superchargers network, will therefore have to increase at the same time. However, it’s unclear if this update applies to all models or, more likel.

Smart GPS

This update also brings an even more advanced navigation system. This calculates an optimized route based on previous journeys, calendar events and driver habits. The function, called “Automatic Navigation”, will be linked to another new feature, the “Scheduled Departure”(understand “scheduled departure”). This functionality calculates according to the habits of the owner several parameters, such as recharging the vehicle overnight so that it is ready when leaving, or even preheating the passenger compartment. Thus, if the driver leaves work at 8 a.m. every day of the week, his Tesla will make sure to be ready at this time with a rise in temperature of the passenger compartment and a recharge during off-peak hours, before the start peaks in power consumption around 6 a.m. However, this functionality will not be available below 20% battery.

These few additional features are therefore added to the last “big” update, named 10.0 . It added a few gadgets including a karaoke mode, Spotify and Netflix, but especially the “Smart Summon” , which allows you to get a Tesla out of its parking space without a driver, but not without little frigh.

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