UV rays: the new solution to reduce body repair time

Reducing cycle times when repairing a vehicle is one of the most important challenges that body shops face. To maximize the performance and the rotation rate of the vehicles to be repaired, there is now the possibility of using new primers and specialized ultraviolet lamps. 

These are particularly effective in reducing the drying time of the paint. Find out more about this fast drying technology.

Get a quality finish quickly

The main advantage of the new Cromax Pro paint system developed by Axalta, which is used with an ultraviolet lamp, is to dry the primer in just a few minutes. This drying step normally requires several hours.

Thanks to this new technology, it is no longer necessary to use a catalyst for UV priming, which avoids isocyanate fumes. An additional advantage since these substances, which are usually used to improve the quality of the finish, are particularly harmful to health and require important protections to be handled.

Once the primer is dry, all you have to do is sand the surface and apply only a coat and a half of paint. So, from 8 to 12 minutes after everything is completely dry, the final layer of varnish can be applied.

If you are aspiring to become a body consultant , be aware that in the coming years this new drying technology could quickly gain momentum and be used by many body shops. In addition to offering an exceptional quality of finish, it is easy to use and allows to gain in efficiency at all levels.

Integrating technology in the workshop

Body shops wishing to use the new quick-dry primer technology will need to purchase UV lamps. This investment is approaching $ 10,000. Technical support to answer all questions from technicians and bodywork consultants is also available, to allow easier adaptation to the changes that the new technology can bring about.

To date, the Cromax Pro paint system is the only one that saves considerable time when drying the primer. As the reduction in cycle time has a major impact on profitability, workshops have every interest in equipping themselves with such technology.

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