Why should you check the car battery before the cold arrives?

The average battery life of the car is between three and five years, a figure that increases to eight in the case of electric . It is essential to know its approximate duration, since it is an essential element in the vehicle: it is the system that allows the engine to start and that everything starts to work, since it stores all the energy necessary for it. Despite the estimated durability, the temperatures, the shape and the use made of the car and the customs that can be had behind the wheel also affect the condition of this part. Thus, the most advisable is to perform periodic maintenance to avoid any unforeseen events.

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It is not a system that has to be checked only once a year, that is, when it is time to pass the ITV . The changes of season and, therefore, of temperature, are the best time to check its status, since both cold and heat can affect its proper functioning . In fact, in summer, battery failures are the cause of one in two roadside assistance. However, winter is the time when more batteries are replaced and, therefore, now that temperatures have begun to fall, it may be the ideal time for review.

Why has the time come to check the battery?

The battery has an ideal temperature range in terms of the effectiveness of its work. Thus, this element works perfectly between 10 and 40 degrees. Below the first, the battery will have less capacity to give energy and, therefore, to start the car.

To know what your battery status is, it is best to go to a workshop. However, the car may be sending you signs that something is not working properly. If there is a lack of control in the air conditioning systems (they switch off, they suddenly change from cold to hot …), if the car has a hard time starting and even if the windshield wiper constantly changes speed it can mean that something is failing.

How to check the battery status?

As we have indicated, it is best to go to a workshop, where they will use an instantaneous intensity meter to check how many amps you can supply. However, it can also be verified through a load meter . There are also modern vehicles that, on the batteries, have a warning light that guides on the life of the battery . The same goes for the buttons of this element: if they are whitish, it means that it is not working well.

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